A Salty Life

My husband took me out to breakfast. I ordered something I don’t have every day, eggs and home fried potatoes. Unfortunately, the potatoes were too salty, which ruined them for me. This made me think about how Jesus called us to be salt in the world. Salt is a seasoning. If sprinkled on our favorite dish, it can bring out the flavor of food. In fact, some foods, like eggs, are tasteless without salt. However, too much and we spoil the dish.

Can we do the same thing with our witness? Can we spoil the effect when we are overbearing and a know-it-all? Did I overdo it the time I was at my sister’s and a man came on spouting new age junk, and I stated in no uncertain terms, “What a lot of bunk”? Or how about the time I tried to argue with my other sister about baby baptism vs. adult baptism and we ended up hurting one another’s feelings? What kind of “salt” was I that day? These are just two examples of times I should have used less salt.

Check your stories and articles to see if you’ve sprinkled the love of Christ throughout your manuscript. Signs that you might have overused the saltshaker are excessive use of the word you, telling the reader how they must live, Christianese, phrases and words that have lost their meaning, and preaching, long stretches when you tell the reader about what the Bible says instead of showing them through interesting anecdotes and stories.

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