My grandson was due April 25th and today is May 4th and he still hasn’t made his appearance. Waiting is hard, no matter what our age. His father was 10 days overdue and my husband and I joke this is payback for making us wait those 10 long, hot summer days for his arrival.

We wait for lots of things and it never gets any easier, does it? As children, we waited with expectation for Christmas, our birthday, school to get out for the summer. Now we wait for vacations, promotions, our children to come for a visit, or that call that says we got the job.

As Christians, we wait for Christ’s return. Do we wait with the same anticipation? I have to admit that I don’t. His return seems like something way off in the future and yet, we are cautioned in the Bible to be ever prepared, as a bride waits for her bridegroom.

Matthew 25:13: “Keep watch! For you do not know the day or hour of my return.”


As writers, we submit a query letter or an article, then wait weeks to hear back. As book authors, we wait months to hear from an editor and even when we get a yes, it can be a year or more before our book sees a bookstore shelf. Waiting is part of the business. While you wait, get busy and start another project.

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