At church yesterday, we watched a video documentary about a young woman who has been blind since birth. She has never seen grass, the sky, or the face of her mother. She knows she’s beautiful, not because a mirror tells her so, but because Jesus told her what’s most important is she’s beautiful on the inside. Her one regret is she must depend on others to help her get through her days. She wishes she could be more independent. However, this doesn’t keep her from living with joy, which I could see expressed on her face, in her voice. This inner happiness flows from her great faith. She is so in love with Jesus that her greatest expectation is of the first face she will see—Jesus’.

As I heard her say that, I had to ask myself, am I living with that kind of expectation? I had to honestly answer no. I love my life, my new grandbaby, my kids, my activities. I’m wrapped up in my latest writing project, plans for vacation at the end of the month, and worry about my son’s health issues. I’m firmly planted in this world.

When I do spend time with Christ, I don’t see it as a time to build a relationship with him. I pray for relatives, friends, and strangers. Maybe complain about my personal problems, ask forgiveness for my latest slipup, or fuss about something that’s bothering me. But Christ wants more; he wants me to love him “with all my heart, mind, and soul,” not just dump on him. My time with him has become a one way street—me talking to him. The part that’s missing is that precious time when I listen and let him minister to me. That’s how a deep relationship is built.

This video clip showed me I’ve gotten off track. Yes, I live in this world and can love all the things I do and am, but also I can be close to God, so close I long to see his face.

This week notice the “big questions” your friends are discussing on Facebook, Twitter, or in person. Write them down and ask yourself how you can write something that would address the answers. This is one way to generate ideas for articles, short stories, devotions, or blog posts. Who knows, this may even turn into something bigger.

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