Judy speaks to a variety of audiences. They include couples, mothers, women, and writers of all ages. MOPS, luncheons, teas, retreats, conferences, whatever your needs may be.

To book a speaking engagement, please contact Judy at jbodmer@msn.com or call 425-488-2900. Fees are negotiable.

For Writers

Topics Include:

  • Research Outside of the Box
  • The Question of Agents
  • Writer’s Courage
  • Perfect plotting (tape available)
  • Marketing Strategies for Writers
  • How to develop an audience before your book comes out
  • 13 ways to Bore your Reader
  • The Power of Dialogue
  • Viewpoint– the Magic Key to Publication
  • Why my Query Letters Sell
  • How to write a Book Proposal that will get you Noticed
  • The Personal Experience Article– The Easiest way to Break into Print
  • Writing a Children’s Short Story


Topics Include:

  • Promises to Keep: 7 Ways to Reignite the Love in Your Relationships
  • Building a Love that Lasts
  • What to do When Love Dies
  • Developing a Spiritual Communication


Topics Include:

  • Unexpected Encounters– How to help Friends and Coworkers when the Come to you for Help
  • Leaving a Legacy of Love (tape available)
  • Finding a Love that Lasts
  • Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places
  • Why I Hate Valentine’s Day
  • What’s in the Bible for Mother’s
  • How to Tame the Expectations Monster
  • How to Renew Your Love for Your Husband

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